GIF goes Bilbao!

Studieren und Reisen klingt nach einem guten Plan? Finden wir auch. Bei GIF wollen wir nicht nur Unternehmertum studieren, sondern wir wollen es praktisch lernen und erleben. Deswegen besuchen wir lieber Partnerhochschulen statt langweilige BWL Vorlesungen (ja ok, BWL Wissen ist auch nicht ganz unwichtig bei uns!). Entrepreneurship studieren bei GIF bedeutet, die eigene Komfortzone zu verlassen und neue Dinge auszuprobieren.

Guggenheim-Museum in Bilbao

Wir haben uns im Mai 2023 mit 90 Studierenden des Studiengangs “Gründung, Innovation, Führung” (GIF) aufgemacht nach Bilbao, um voneinander und miteinander zu lernen, wie wir nachhaltig starke Unternehmen gründen. Damit unsere neu gewonnenen Freunde aus Bilbao ebenso die Möglichkeit haben, unseren Bericht über die Reise zu lesen, ist der folgende Beitrag in English – you will be able to get the twist 😉

Unforgettable Journey to Bilbao and Mondragon Team Academy (MTA)

What an incredible trip! (Almost) our entire “Gründung, Innovation, Führung” (GIF) study program from Hochschule Bremerhaven, Germany, had the amazing opportunity to embark on a memorable journey to Mondragon Team Academy (MTA) in Bilbao City, Spain. This immersive experience aimed to enrich the entrepreneurial lives of the 90 teampreneurs (= students) participating in the program, along with four team coaches from Germany and students from Spain and around the world who warmly welcomed us at MTA. Collaboratively organized by GIF and MTA students, the program offered a diverse range of activities, networking opportunities, and exciting challenges.

Monday: GIF Beach Meetup

Our adventure in Bilbao kicked off with pure fun. After acquainting ourselves with the city, the GIF teampreneurs joined a group of international MTA students to head to the stunning Playa de Sopelana, a beautiful beach. It was a fantastic opportunity to socialize, unwind, and celebrate the sunshine and the ocean together.

Tuesday: Connecting with MTA Students

The following day was all about getting to know the students involved in the program. The planning team arranged a Meet & Greet session at 9:30 AM. The morning was filled with engaging activities at the Auditorium of Mondragon Campus on Calle Uribitarte, followed by continued interactions in various rooms during the afternoon. We had a captivating kick-off and introduction to MTA, speed dating, icebreakers, and dialog sessions in mixed teams. These sessions fostered valuable conversations about entrepreneurship, the challenges teampreneurs face, and the diverse entrepreneurial approaches across different countries.

Wednesday: Embracing Challenges

The third day brought an exhilarating challenge for all participants. We gathered again in the Auditorium of MTA at 10 AM. Team leads from Bilbao presented a range of problems, and GIF teams were formed to collaboratively work on solving these challenges. In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to pitch our solutions, with Teampreneurs from Bilbao joining to provide feedback and input. This day was dedicated to fostering collaboration and innovative problem-solving.

Thursday: More Challenges and – of Course – Party

The fourth day carried on with the theme of embracing challenges. This time, our focus shifted towards finding solutions to current social and ecological challenges while also benchmarking solutions between the port-cities of Bilbao and Bremerhaven. We delved deeper into problem-solving and brainstorming. In the evening, despite the weather being unfavorable, an unforgettable Erasmus party was organized at a local bar, creating a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.

Friday: Reflecting and Exploring the Ecosystem

The final official day of the program placed emphasis on reflection and exploring the local ecosystem. We began with a mindfulness meditation session, followed by engaging in multiple reflective discussions and roundtable sessions. The day also included visits to projects in Zorrotzaurre, providing us with valuable insights into the local innovation scene. To add a touch of fun, we indulged in some vintage clothing shopping, making the experience even more memorable.

Saturday: Special

On Saturday, we had an incredible opportunity to foster collaboration for future endeavors. Additionally, we attended a Korean culture festival organized by MTA students, which pleasantly surprised us in countless ways. It was an unforgettable and joyous experience.Will you join us next time?

The trip to Bilbao City and Mondragon Team Academy was a life-changing journey for us, the GIF students and Teamcoaches. It allowed us to explore a new city, forge connections with international students, and gain invaluable firsthand experience in problem-solving and entrepreneurship. The diverse range of activities, from beach gatherings to challenging problem-solving sessions, created a dynamic and enriching atmosphere. This unforgettable experience will undoubtedly shape our future entrepreneurial endeavors, equipping us with valuable skills and perspectives. Come follow us on our @GIF_Bilbao & gifstudium insta. Don’t miss out on joining us for the next adventure!

Basque and German team coaches


Text & Fotos: Céline Rohlfsen